Abe Lincoln Jr’s Globulon

Posted on Sep 9, 2010

Abe Lincoln Jr. is proud to announce the release of his first resin toy, Globulon. Abe will be releasing the Alpha Globulon colorway in conjunction with a signing at the myplasticheart  (booth #2879) in the Cultyard at New York Comic Con on Sunday, October 10th at 11 AM.

Alpha Globulon is the first release of the series and is cast in unpainted royal blue resin and will be available for all weekend. This run is limited to 25 pcs.

Globulon was created for a series of Priority Mail stickers that Abe was disseminating in the streets of NY over the Summer of 2009. Abe has been working on releasing select characters in toy form over the last year and this is the first of the series.

Globulon was designed by Abe Lincoln Jr. (http://www.girlsbike.com), sculpted by veteran sculptor and toy collector, Mark Mascot, and cast by Tony Titanium of Titanium Toys (titaniumtoyz.blogspot.com), and of course inspired by Hedorah, the Smog Monster (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hedorah).