Abe Lincoln Jr.’s Stop Genital Mutilation series for Womens Voices Now.

Posted on Sep 18, 2010

So last nite I did this live painting benefit for a womans organization www.womensvoicesnow.org with my ELC partner Royce Bannon http://choiceroyce.tumblr.com/. One of the issues WVN champion is stopping gential mutilation. So im did a series called Stop Genital Mutilation I took images curated by Enid Hwang’s fashion board on Pinterest.com http://www.pinterest.com/enid/want-wear/ and redrew them in my kawaii midcentury style. Each model has a missing limb or injury of some kind.

The images are mainly i used for inspiration was from fashion week. Its was a totally bizzarre juxtaposition of images but im stoked on how they came out.

In the course of the live painting I incorporated parts of my conversations with people at the opening on the topic into the picture of the girl with her throat slit.

There was also a hookah there so for my last and largest piece I used the charcoal they use to fuel the hookah to burn the mouth area of the model. Its hard to make out in the photos but the paint and wood being burnt was a rad effect. I used the rest of the hookah ash from the event to give it a wash.

Interestingly enough I realized half way through that I was a man doing drawings of bloody models… that could be viewed differently than my intention…lol. I got a little self conscious, but the text sent the correct messages and people were very positive on the whole series and it got people talking.

This is very different from my usual subject matter but overall i think the experiment went very well and I had a great time doing it.