My first foray into the world of “Designer Toys” came when I was asked by Kid Robot to do a design for their Dunny toy for Series 3 (2006). I’d submitted a couple of fairly tame designs (more cute that nightmarish) when Kid Robot asked “can you make it more bloody?”… Thats all I needed to hear. The design was meant to stir up a little shit, but first and foremost it had to adhere to my 2 most important pieces of criteria for a piece of Abe Jr. Artâ„¢.
1) Is it fucked up? 2) Is it funny?

Since it hit both on the head I let him fly and 2 things happened that I’d never imagine.
1) It was selected to be one of the top secret chase designs (which is a big deal in toyland) 2) and it was selected by Kid Robot to be in their exhibit in the Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial

All in all a “Triple Holy Shit” moment in my Art History.