Abe Lincoln Jr. x Run Kitty Run Custom Toys for Crossborders.tv

Posted on Oct 6, 2011

I’m stoked I can finally announce that a series of custom toys I did
for www.crossborders.tv are in the wild and ready to be revealed.
Crossborders came to me looking to create a series of customs for
their flagship iphone game The Adventures of Timmy: Run Kitty Run. The
main character Timmy is a shy kid in a red cat suit who’s gf Kitty got
kidnapped by the schoolyard bully, Mitch. The game starts off at the
beginning of Timmy’s platforming adventure. My customs were designed
by Crossborders Creative Director, Adam Kahn, and executed by me, Abe
Jr. and we used Kid Robot’s Trikky figures are a base. These were given away as promotional items on the release to the
game so I dont think they’re available anywhere for sale. If youre
interested in checking out the game, its on sale for .99 cents!