Abe Lincoln Jr. x Playbling.com’s Coulrophobia iPhone Case made with real Swarovsky Crystals

Posted on Aug 31, 2011

Today I have the abject honor of announcing the release of my first
Swarovski iPhone phone case in collaboration with playbling.com.

My first release with playbling is called Coulrophobia and features
everyone’s favorite circus member, the clown!

From the product description:
“The jolly clown capers to the delight of the crowd. Dozens of them
issue forth from the tiny car. How did they all fit in there? Their
exaggerated movements, meant to please, often menace. They have so
many things in their pockets, horns, balloons, seltzer bottles…
Could they have something more sinister in there too?”

You can get yours RIGHT NOW, from the good people at Playbling.com
Also available for most other phone brands and the iPad!