Art for Tibet x Abe Lincoln Jr. – Joshua Liner Gallery Fri. Oct. 14th

Posted on Oct 5, 2011

The week of Oct 14th is gonna be a busy one for dear old Abe. On
Friday Oct 14th I’ll have pieces in the Art For Tibet show at Joshua
Liner Gallery. I’ll be in good company that night as the artist list
is as follows:

Abe Lincoln, Jr., Ang Tsherin Sherpa, Arpana Rayamajhi, Beth
Achenbach, Billy Roids X King AbNon, Bruno Levy, Burt Banger, Bwana
Spoons, Carrie Reichardt, Charlie Wittman, Christian Mendoza, Chungpo
Tsering, Colin McClain, Damion Silver, Daniel Subkoff, David Pierce,
Dean “Chooch” Landry, Emerson Murray, Garrison & Alison Buxton, GION,
Gonkar Gyatso, Hongtu Zhang, Jeila Gueramian, Jennifer Garcia, JK5,
John Peet, Jose Antonio Alcayaga III, Karen Ingram, Karen Zilly, Kenzo
Minami, Kiino Villand, Kimyon Huggins, Maki Kaoru, Maria “TOOFLY”
Castillo, Michael Avedon, Michela Muserra, Mike Egan, Mio Murakami,
Mike Ming, Mike Schreiber, Ben Baker, Nancy Jo, Lhakdon and Norden
Johnson, Naomi Kazama, olive47, Omen, Pablo Power, Pema Rinzin, Peter
Parpan, Philip Sugden, Rabkar Wangchuk, Richard Gere, Tenzing Rigdol,
Ryan McGinness, Sangeetha Kowsik, Scott Price, Shepard Fairey, Shie
Moreno, Spencer Wilson, Steven Cogle, Steven Daily, Swoon, Tenzing
Rigdol, The Sucklord/Suckadelic, Tomokazu Matsuyama, Tomoko Sugimoto,
Tun Myaing, Yuri Shimojo, Yvonne Jacquette

with more artists added daily.

If you’re looking for a rad gallery show after NY Comic-Con this is
the one to go to! All proceeds benefit Students for a Free Tibet, a
501(c)3 non-profit organization that works in solidarity with the
Tibetan people in their struggle for freedom and independence.