Coming Soon from Toy2R MCA/Evil Design and Abe Lincoln Jr.

Posted on Jun 26, 2012

I've had this in the hopper for quite awhile and Im stoked to say that I have a new toy design coming out on MCA's Evil Ape Mini Artist Series from and Toy2R.??

I've known MCA for awhile and when he asked me to do a design for his artist series I was seriously stoked, usually these things are shrouded in secrecy but last year i saw a bunch of pics of the potential designs on facebook. I got news that my design was one of the ones selected for the series and have been stoked ever since. I also got blessings to show off my design which is based on the old Kenner Six Million Dollar Man action figure. Ultimately this is the prototype design and may be different in the end but heres the approved design from our good ppl at TOY2R!
Thanks MCA and TOY2R!